Two Waters was a mill site at the time of the Domesday Book (1086) and had certainly been there at least 100 years prior to that. The mill was also known as Top Mill. First made Paper 1763, From 1791 used by Fourdriniers.  Mill No. 400 in Excise list.  By 1818 occupied by Thomas Nichols, then from 1853 George Watkin Hayes when there were four beating engines for one 62” m/c.  In 1877 went bankrupt but mill then in use by John Dickinson & Co for 7 years to prepare esparto half stuff.  From 1818 the owners were the Grand Junction Canal Co. but lease extended to 1887.  Disused for a while but from 1888 Thame and Sanguinetti made 300 paper barrels a day there until 1893.  Most of the machinery was sold off and the mill used for processing wool in the course of which it blew up in Nov 1918.