About Us

Apsley Paper Trail (APT) is a conservation and education charity with particular relevance to the paper industry and several local communities in Hertfordshire.  Its prime objectives are to conserve the heritage of the paper industry, especially in Hertfordshire’s Gade Valley, and use its facilities for educational purposes.

In fulfilling its conservation objective, the charity has acquired and utilises two historic mill sites, Frogmore Paper Mill, an active paper mill and visitor centre as well as two buildings on the old John Dickinson Apsley Mill site, namely the John Dickinson Enterprise Centre and Cottage that accommodates both young and established businesses. Also maintained on the Apsley site is the John Dickinson First and Second World War Memorial. 

In achieving its education objective, the charity provides facilities, resources and programmes to enable six distinct communities to learn about an important part of their heritage and history. It also serves the general public who visit Frogmore Paper Mill as individuals or as an interest group. The six distinct communities are:

  1. Today’s Gade Valley residents, workers, learners and visitors
  2. Schools, especially in and around the Gade Valley
  3. The British paper industry and allied trades
  4. Paper based art and craft practitioners
  5. Descendants of former Gade Valley paper mill workers
  6. Social and industrial historians

APT is also committed to reaching new audiences through outreach and an inspiring and varied event programme that encourages a wider range of people to engage with our important heritage.


Chair, John Watson

Trustee, Henry Clarke, MSc, BSc (Est Man), DIC, FRICS

Trustee, Simon Ody, BSc. MSc.

Trustee, Hilary Robinson, FCA, LLB

Trustee, Elena Lewendon, BA (Hons), MA

Trustee, Steven Mann, PhD