Richard Smitheman brings THE ESSENCE OF LIFE DRAWING to Frogmore Paper Mill on Thursday evenings from 24th October to 14th November, 7pm until 10pm.

“Life Drawing is exciting but it can also be intimidating!
If we have a process that’s repeatable we can communicate in a more meaningful way.
Over four weeks we’ll look at the different stages for developing a solid drawing process through a variety of techniques, lectures and demos. We will look at and develop our sense for observation, gesture, design language, composition and how light and shadow can be used to bring drama to our work.”

- Richard Smitheman

Four sessions with creative director and animator Richard, who is fresh back from working in Madrid and teaching drawing in Florence. Richard spent more than 25 years working in the Los Angeles film and animation industry for Warner Bros, Spielberg and Pixar, to name but a few. He was taught to draw by the Hollywood greats of the animation industry and he passes this on to you. A great opportunity for £100.

Booking in advance is essential.  Call 01442 234600 or book here