Sir Arthur Evans, FSA 1851 – 1941

He was the eldest son of Sir John Evans but was not prepared to enter the business instead pursuing a remarkable career as an archaeologist. Arthur became Curator of The Ashmolean Museum following a period of imprisonment in the Balkans for insurrection. As Curator he converted the hotch-potch collection of curios into a splendid seat of learning. Arthur found the money to create the new building in which the museum resides today.

He discovered the palace of King Minos at Knossos on the island of Crete and proceeded to excavate it, and subsequently re-construct it using money largely given by his father. In due course he benefited hugely from his father’s estate and within months also from the residue of John Dickinson’s estate so that it can fairly be said that the profits of papermaking were spent by him on this work.

He was knighted in 1911, in recognition of his life’s work as his father had before him but in a different field.