What a fabulous day for our @PresdalesSchool Year 11 Design and Technology girls @FrogmoreMill  Would recommend to all school settings and Key Stages, such a fantastic place, here in Hertfordshire!

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General Information       

We offer a range of education experiences and are able to adapt them for specific group need – just talk to us and we will see what we can do!  We can support your curriculum and engage your class in a variety of hands on workshops, tailored to requirement. We deliver to all abilities including special needs and home learning groups.  Everyone can get something from a visit to Frogmore Paper Mill.


Coach parking is available on site and coach drivers should use the postcode HP3 9RW to our rear gates rather than our usual postcode. On turning in to Frogmore Road, the coach parking gates are on your immediate right. Ring 5 minutes before you get here and we can be ready to open up when you arrive. 


Students are charged at £6.50 + VAT per head, with staff and adult helpers (up to our usual staff:student ratios)are free. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £80+VAT, so if your group is of 12 or less, you may wish to add a couple more to your party and get full value from your funds. 

Key Stage 1 – 1:6
Key Stage 2 – 1:7
Key Stage 3 – 1:8
Key Stage 4 - 1:10

EPSON EDUCATION GRANT - free school funding

We are very fortunate to be able to offer financial help towards your visit to Frogmore, courtesy of Epson. Funding from the Epson Education Grant is available to enable school staff to bring 30 students here for FREE! Funding is limited, so you are advised to apply early.

Details here

Pupil Premium

If you have a high pupil premium at your school, you may be eligible for financial assistance via Plan My School Trip/ M7E. If you book via Plan My School Trip, we get the booking and you may get some help. Plan My School Trip

Group size

We take groups from 10 to 60 students, for a half or full day experience, but please be aware that groups of 60 need the full day visit. Groups of 12-15 will remain a single group, but larger numbers are broken into smaller sub-groups due to the practical nature of the activities and for reasons of Health and Safety in a working industrial location.

Health and safety

Teachers are invited to undertake a Health and Safety pre-visit by prior arrangement. Risk assessments are available for all activities and can be downloaded below. We are an industrial site and although our visitor centre is modernised, the working mill area is not and can be cold and wet, so please ensure your groups wear sensible clothing and footwear. 


Typically groups arrive at 9.30 or 10 am for a 2.5 hour session, but we can do other variations, so please discuss your requirements with us. The individual workshops run for 30-40 minutes each, dependent on numbers as activities are largely hands-on. Every effort is made to run to time (a schedule is sent to you prior to arrival) but occasionally there may be delays due to machine problems.  We make every effort to ensure our visitors can see the 1902 Fourdrinier No4 in action but due to its age and production schedules, in very rare instances this may not be possible.

Schools are welcome to bring and eat a packed lunch here.  We build in time for a 15 minute refreshment break. Students may also visit the shop, where we have a range of smaller souvenir items from £1.

Schools KS1, 2, 3, 4 – content 

Typically the session begins with a short presentation, which sets the scene for all that the group will see and do. Larger groups will be divided into smaller sub-groups to undertake papermaking, the mill tour and third/fourth workshop.

A plan of your day will be sent prior to arrival so that teachers are able to consider how they wish to divide the full group up. 

All sessions begin with an introductory presentation as grounding for everything else we do.  This is followed by a papermaking session and mill tour, then a third workshop (2.5 hour booking) plus a fourth for whole day sessions.

Core workshops


Mill tour

Optional workshops

Weaving (KS1)

Braille (KS1)

Letterpress (KS2,3,4,)

Science -  materials under the microscope (KS1,2)

History - Industrial Revolution/mill workers (KS2,3)

Sustainable paper - eco workshop KS2/3

Canals (KS2,3)

GCSE Design and Technology

Boat race

If there is time and we can build it in, your visit can end with one of our loud and exciting boat races. Groups of pupils make paper boats within the limitations given and we race them in our backstream. A good end to a session which tires them out for the journey back to school.

Risk Assessment - Boat Race

Home learning groups

Please read the sections above.

Home learners are warmly welcomed. Such groups often attend with more adult helpers and may have slightly different needs. It's important to talk to us. As with all groups, carers supporting individual students will not be charged for their visit, however where home learning groups bring many family members above our usual child: adult ratios, we will charge for those extra adults and siblings over 5 years old. Effectively they are included in the activities and number breakdowns, for health and safety.

Special requirements 

Please read the sections above.

All groups can have special requirements and we wish to tailor our delivery to provide a great experience for all. Carers supporting individual students will not be charged for their visit but we make groups smaller to keep to the same number of individuals on tour.  We have a 2 person lift to our pulper floor for those who cannot manage the first flight of stairs. The second set of stairs (to the currently static Fourdrinier No2 machine) can be avoided by having one extra Frogmore staff member to hand, to take those visitors via an external ramp. 

We welcome your guidance on level of input and workshop choices. Above all we wish everyone to have a happy and rewarding experience here at Frogmore Paper Mill.

Please call 01442 234600 or email [email protected] for further details

KS3/4 – Enterprise Days

We also deliver full (10am-3pm) Enterprise Days to give a ‘real life’ experience of the workplace with a bit of fun thrown in for groups of 50-60 ideally.  Working in groups, teams are given individual job roles within ‘their company’ to brainstorm, produce, market, cost and present paper based products. Teams hit a few typical hindrances along the way, with staff holidays, health and safety issues and indecisive client whims, all of which add an edge and allow students to experience more of the mill, while adding a touch of reality.

Enterprise Days are offered at £18 +VAT per student.

School Recycling Assemblies

We offer recycling assemblies as outreach for £60 +VAT.  The assembly consists of a Powerpoint, demonstration and discussion about paper recycling to kick off your recycling weeks and initiatives. The presentation is far from dry and can be delivered in your school hall.  Please ring us to discuss. 

School Brochure

I can't thank you all enough for the hard work, time and effort you all put in yesterday.  The buzz around rooms and at the end of the day was fantastic - more than I was hoping for!  Students and staff alike were full of ideas and I know one school - not mine... - has already seen the head about things they want to do which is great!



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