The tour enables students to see an industrial working environment and observe how the hand made process transfers to mechanisation. Our tours are guided by Frogmore staff or trained volunteers, many of them ex paper or print industry and very knowledgeable. Occasionally we have a new tour guide shadowing the tour. Any such persons will be introduced to you. All of our staff are interviewed and checked but we insist that there are always members of school staff with groups.  We try to limit tour groups to around 12, so a group of 30 children will become 3 groups once here.

Tours are always guided and group members must stay together. Health and safety is emphasised throughout. The tour starts with our visitor centre displays, covering Louis Nicholas Robert, pulping methods and the canals link.  There is much to reveal but tour guides will keep it relevant. The tour continues with letterpress and bookbinding and into the machine room where paper is still made almost daily on a 1902 Fourdrinier machine (No4).  The machine process is explained.  The tour guide can then lead your group to the mill race, Watford pulpers, No2 Fourdrinier (1895) and if there is time or specific interest, the Heritage Fire Brigade display.

Those on tour are free to ask questions. 

Risk assessment  - mill tour