The John Dickinson Enterprise Centre (JDEC) on The Paper Trail’s Apsley Mills site is a purpose designed refurbishment for start-up and small business users.

The building was originally built as a single storey extension to the John Dickinson Stationery Company's Bookbinding Department in the early years of the last century. In 1919 a further two storeys with stair and lift access were added to the building for use in cabinet making. Subsequently, the building was used for many different purposes including that of the Print Works, a canteen and even the Wages Office.

During the first 6 months of 2003 the Apsley Paper Trail, supported by funding from EEDA (the East of England Development Agency), undertook the renovation and refurbishment of the building as a centre for start-up and small businesses. The John Dickinson Enterprise Centre (JDEC) formally opened its doors to tenants in August 2003. Please email [email protected] or complete


Unit Sq Ft Status Monthly Fee
(ex vat)
Monthly Fee
(inc vat)
Ground Floor
1 965 Let
2 735 Let
3 343 Let
4 246 Vacant £825 £990 £1,650
10 85 Let
First Floor
11 215 Let
12 725 Let
14 145 Let
16 360 Let
18 130 Let
19 120 Let
Second Floor
20 235 Let
21 750 Let
22 150 Let
23 250 Let
24 225 Let
25 150 Vacant £500 £600 £1,000
26 305 Let