This workshop is ideal for Key Stages 2 and 3. It requires a bit more listening than the other workshops but covers local history, the Industrial Revolution and Victorian working conditions in the Mills. It is great for local schools, but also for all school groups as a comparison to modern life. Delivery is related to the age of the group.

The session is based on an 1841 government report into working conditions in the mills. We compare working ages, hours of work, holidays, wages and the mill jobs of the boys and girls to the lives of the children there. This tends to be an eye-opener for most of the audience as children could work in the mills from the age of 10.

The information is accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation. Questions are welcomed.  Some schools choose to pre-prepare questions to encourage participation, however the workshop is far from talk at.

There is an accompanying worksheet which students may take away with them. It recounts some of the basic points and allows for their own note-taking and drawing. It can be used for further discussion in schools and if teachers would like a copy of the staff notes, just let us know. 

Risk assessment - history (industrial revolution and workers) (KS2)