At the site that gave the world mechanised paper in 1803 we still make paper and your students can try their hand at handmade sheets and see a Fourdrinier papermaking machine in action.  This same machine is used by practising machine men from around the country who are completing NVQs. 

Papermaking is fascinating and we can cover fibre, sources and origins of materials, methods, equipment, paper and board, stocks, sizes, recycling and the ecological footprint. We endeavour to make our sessions active and interesting.  We are happy to discuss the delivery of your session and how we may best help you. 

A visit typically includes an introductory presentation, hand papermaking and a mill tour but we can add length and depth to all we do. 

Please call us to discuss or email: [email protected]

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Suggested content to support GCSE Design and Technology - Paper

Papermaking workshop – handmade papers    Risk assessment

Papermaking is fascinating and at Frogmore we can provide historical context, production knowledge and first-hand experience of making a sheet of paper. All groups learn the method of handmade paper production, make a sheet of paper themselves to give hands on experience and discover the terminology, materials, tools and methods used in the past and in modern day settings.  

Mill Tour – mechanisation    Risk assessment

The tour enables students to see for themselves how the method of handmade paper was developed and applied to mechanisation.  We are fortunate to have a 1902 Fourdrinier No4 papermaking machine in full time production use and its slow speed (compared to modern machines) enables students to understand and see the process in action before their eyes, The tour includes, paper fibre, stock preparation, production and finishing, as well as sizes, weights, recycling and environmental issue. Groups will also visit the 1895 Fourdrinier No 2.

Printing workshop    Risk assessment

This workshop enables students to learn about the relationship between print method, inks and production by means of demonstration and discussion; interspersed with relevant video clips.  We are able to demonstrate the use of letterpress and the effect of paper surface on the final image to give students a first-hand experience. We use practical wherever possible and with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Our tutors are ex printers and are able to discuss paper stock, method limitations, registration, the impact of automation, tools and processes from letterpress to the modern day.

Bookbinding workshop    Risk assessment

An introduction to bookbinding materials, processes and equipment in our fully equipped bindery. By completing a small task with our print finishing tutor, students can explore bonding, creasing, folding and binding methods. Students will make simple 16pp hand folded section, from an SRA sheet, to make a book.  A pocket crease will be created in the cover, either stitched or sewn by hand. A single drill hole will go in the corner to hang the finished article up. Trimming adds another process, to the project.