Fundraising Information Researcher

Applying or and obtaining grant funding is an essential undertaking of the charity.  Working with the Fundraising Manager, your role will be to research, develop and maintain a database of possible sources of grant funding and assist with the collection of data relevant to the application process


Local Fundraiser (Frogmore Paper Mill, Advocate)

As with all charitable activities, we find that every little helps.  Without moving from your home you could help raise funds to keep Frogmore Paper Mill open to the public by organising a book book club and getting members to donate a little every time you meet.  Well provide you with the information about the mill and paper (books…get the idea) and we’ll register the email addresses of all your club members so they get our newsletters, too.


Corporate Fundraiser

Although we are not formally affiliated with either the paper or print industry, we are telling their story (and a fascinating one it is).  Since so many companies are paper consumers, there must be a good few out there who would love to be associated with the story we have to tell (paper producers, printers, publishers, postal deliverers, stationers, banks?). 

If you have contacts within any likely organisations a good word on our behalf would be a great starting point.  If there is any interest, you might be able to find organisations who are happy to sponsor many of our conservation and development projects.


Person Specification

  • Enthusiastic
  • Able to work flexibly
  • Able to communicate effectively with other volunteers, staff and visitors.

Desired Qualities

  • Fundraising experience