There are hundreds of ways that you can help us raise funds to help us keep Frogmore Paper Mill open, active and available to all.

Staff, volunteers and supporters have undertaken lots of different activities to raise funds for particular projects or just to help cover the running costs.

Our Education Manager, Sue Woolnough, a noted arachnophobe, arranged herself a date with a tarantula (accompanied by her, that is the tarantula’s keeper, Mark Amey of Ameyzoo ) and was sponsored for her courage. Her bravery raised funds to pay for the installation of brown tourist signs to help visitors find us.

Our boat crew – Keith Jones and Colin Hambrook – together with their partners and helpers on another narrowboat, re-enacted the ‘Dickinson Dash’, travelling from Apsley to Paddington basin in just over 11 hours and raised funds towards a new canopy for our Bryan Donkin ferry boat which does such sterling service during the summer months.

Host a book club, organise a sale or a sponsored record breaking event. If you have a good idea, we’d very much appreciate your support.

Fundraising for The Paper Trail has never been easier. All support is greatly appreciated to help preserve a valuable part of the world’s history: Frogmore Paper Mill.