Business skills and fun outside the classroom for children aged 11 and above.

Give secondary school age students an experience as close to real as possible by bringing them to Frogmore Paper Mill. Delivering Enterprise activities outside the classroom adds an extra touch of reality.

We deliver full (10am-3pm) Enterprise Days to give a ‘real life’ experience of the workplace with a bit of fun thrown in for groups of 50-60 ideally.  Working in groups, teams are given individual job roles within ‘their company’ to brainstorm, produce, market, cost and present paper based products. Teams hit a few typical hindrances along the way, with staff holidays, health and safety issues and indecisive client whims, all of which add an edge and allow students to experience more of the mill, while adding a touch of reality.

Enterprise Days are offered at £18 +VAT per student. Email [email protected]

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