?? Can you name the creature that uses pulp to make its home?  See image above for a clue! Yes, its the wasp. Wasps pulp wood fibres by mixing it with their saliva to soften. The queen starts the nest at a suitable site and the workers continue using this mixture to build their intricate nests; so not really papermakers, but certainly natures pulpers. 


?? Paper was first created more than 2,000 years ago in China. The date of 105AD is usually referred to.


?? Another way to describe paper is a hydrogen bonded cellulose mat. Water makes the cellulose fibres stick together.


?? Rag and bone men, were originally those men who went out with a cart to collect old rag and bone for use in the paper mills. They rang a bell to let people know they were coming. 


?? Papyrus is not paper, but we do borrow the 'pap' part of papyrus, for our word paper.