Bullhead fish

Always something different here and we recently claimed we were a centre for birdlife too.  In fact the very clean Gade River contains many interesting creatures including these recently discovered Bullhead fish. Discovered  while clearing weed to keep the water flowing past the mill, they are a threatened species - please note they were looked after and put back exactly where we found them. According to the Canal and River Trust, Bullheads (Cotus Gobio) are listed in the IUCN Red Book of threatened species. 

This is what the CRT say about them, "These small fish are only found in clean, stony waters and around the brick work at canal locks. They are sometimes referred to as Millers Thumb. They are very rarely caught by anglers, hiding away during the day and only coming out at night to feed. They are quite unusual as they build a small nest of stones and lay their yellow eggs on the underneath of the stones. They are very distinctive being sandy brown in colour with dark spotting on the large pectoral fins which can look like strips. They have a large flattened head and big eyes positioned on the top of the head."