The addition of this wonderful award, cannot be better expressed than in the words of John Ward,

"But what is a delight to find is an important historic manufacturing site, like Frogmore, that is still very much alive, which still contains the appropriate machinery and where a visitor can still see it doing what it was designed to do when it was first built. Better still, here you have all the surrounding infra-structure, the river, the canal and even the mill manager’s house which add up to the complete story.

That is why, as an Engineering Heritage Committee, we were so excited about this application.  Here we have a site that was a milestone in manufacturing technology.  Paper was an essential element in progressing learning and, with it, the Industrial Revolution but making it manually was, as a visitor here can try for himself, a slow and necessarily expensive process.  Mechanising that process was such an important step forward that it is almost impossible to quantify its importance.  The fact that the site has survived is remarkable, the fact that it still contains an early machine capable of doing the job it was designed to do is probably unique.

This site is something very special in engineering heritage terms – long may it continue.

I wonder what those visionary engineers who struggled to get their ideas to work and then built this site so long ago would say if they could be here today.   I hope they would be proud that their achievements and the achievements of all who have worked here since are being appropriately recognised."

- John Ward, Chairman of the iMechE Engineering Heritage Awards Committee