Our Vision

Our vision is to develop Frogmore Mill into a world leading example of a working industrial heritage site, preserving the historic machinery, apparatus and buildings which reflect Frogmore’s unique position in the history of papermaking. Read more

Our Heritage

The Gade Valley (located between Hemel Hempstead and Watford) has a place in world history as the region where paper’s industrial revolution was born and flourished for more than 150 years.  At the heart of our heritage are seven paper mills, of which only Frogmore Paper Mill survives, and the many thousands of people who made history whilst working in them.  The industrial sites, workers homes and local economies shaped the Gade Valley of today. Read more

Trustees - About Us

Apsley Paper Trail (APT) is a conservation and education charity with particular relevance to the paper industry and several local communities in Hertfordshire.  Its prime objectives are to conserve the heritage of the paper industry, especially in Hertfordshire’s Gade Valley, and use its facilities for educational purposes. Read more