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Frogmore Paper Mill is a registered charity and in order to, move forward; we need funds. We aim to offer an exciting experience for all who visit, whatever their interest or knowledge of paper; the interested general public, industry specialists and education groups. If you are willing to donate for a specific or general cause, we will be happy to receive it. Read more

Rags make paper...

"Rags make paper, paper makes money, money makes banks, banks make loans, loans make beggars, beggars make rags. " Anon. English 19th C. Read more

Terms and Conditions

A summary of the terms of use for this site and the conditions and licensing for reproduction Read more


Frogmore Paper Mill has been recycling for more than 100 years - recycling is not new! As a charity we can benefit from your waste paper and cardboard, which if not actually recycled can be sold on for extra funds. Read more

Youth groups

We deliver activities for beavers, cubs, scouts, rainbows, brownies, guides, young farmers, boys brigade and more. Visits begin with drinks and biscuits, followed by hands on papermaking and a mill tour. We also offer a quiz as a light-hearted way of picking up a few facts. Sessions can be customised if you are working towards a particular badge such as science, art, recycling and history. Read more

Guest speaker

If you are group activities organiser for a social group, be it U3A, WI, Probus or any other grouping; we can offer informative and entertaining talks about paper history and production with many entertaining asides and snippets of information you can amuse others with at your next dinner party! Paper is an infinitely fascinating and much overlooked commodity. Where would we be without it? Entertaining talk, presentation and demonstration. Read more

Did you know?

Surprising facts about paper. Read more

Workers in the paper mills

For those of you interested in genealogy you may like to explore the ever growing information here. Our archive and genealogy groups - all volunteers - continue to painstakingly research and display information of former workers. Read more


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Eco groups visits

We are an ideal centre to study recycling and we welcome primary, mixed age Eco groups and other students interested in the environmental side of paper. The mill has recycled paper for more than 100 years so the practice is far from new. The subject can be referred to throughout the 2.5 hour session as an intrinsic part of papermaking today; so can be emphasised in the introduction, in papermaking and on tour. We can therefore extend both of these sessions on request Read more

Boat race

A bit of fun and excitement but with some thinking too! At Frogmore the philosophy is for things to be fun but they are never just that; they learn along the way. Read more