Life Painting Show

Wonderful work, much of it for sale by our painting students. Mixed show from different studio sessions. Monday to Friday, 11-4pm, 3rd - 28th June 2019 Read more

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Extra help and support

We wish to invite everyone to share our passion for paper and will make arrangements for anyone with special requirements – just talk to us! Our Visitor Centre is accessible via a ramp and we have a lift to transfer people from the ground floor to pulper floor. We are by nature an old Victorian Mill and those visitors not able to use the final staircase can be taken to Fourdrinier No 2 via a different route. We just need to know in advance. Read more

Volunteer with us

The Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust operates The Paper Trail Project at its two sites, Apsley Mills and Frogmore Mill. The project is run on a not-for-profit basis with the profits from all activities returned to the Trust in order to support the development and expansion of the project as a whole. This takes a lot of work and if you think you can help, please let us know. Read more

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Frogmore Paper Mill is a registered charity and in order to, move forward; we need funds. We aim to offer an exciting experience for all who visit, whatever their interest or knowledge of paper; the interested general public, industry specialists and education groups. If you are willing to donate for a specific or general cause, we will be happy to receive it. Read more

Rags make paper...

"Rags make paper, paper makes money, money makes banks, banks make loans, loans make beggars, beggars make rags. " Anon. English 19th C. Read more

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Our modern café with riverside view is situated within what were once mill storage sheds, as can still be seen by the preserved wooden beams. Our café serves light refreshments; cold and hot drinks, cakes, biscuits and treats! Prices are from 20p for a lollipop to £2.50 and It is open Monday to Friday and every 1st Sunday in the month, during normal opening hours. We also have a display of second hand books for sale. Read more