Tales from the river bottom

Always something different here and we recently claimed we were a centre for birdlife too. In fact the very clean Gade River contains many interesting creatures including these recently discovered Bullhead fish. Discovered while clearing weed to keep the water flowing past the mill, they are a threatened species - please note they were looked after and put back exactly where we found them.Read more


Welcome to our new website and with it a brand new blog, where we will try to keep you up to date with everything happening here. Every day is different here. The machine room will be in action, a visitor group or school spend a few hours here, a film scout might drop in to view parts of the site or a customer to purchase from the shop. Its busy, its varied all of it to preserve the amazing heritage associated with this site.Read more

Exotic Papers

We are delighted to acquire the Exotic Paper Company brand and products, having made the paper for many years at Frogmore Paper Mill. Now the 'poo papers' are ours alongside all our seed, petal, silver leaf and many more. Expect exactly the same service and quality, plus our shop now stocks the lovely products in the picture.Read more