A Hollander is a machine that mixes and cuts cellulose fibres so that they are ready for use on the paper machine to make paper. The particular machine we have currently sitting in the yard dates from the early 1900’s and was rescued from Springfield Mill in Kent which closed down in 2016. It is of medium sized capacity, and will alleviate a great deal of work in production, where we currently we have only smaller versions. With this machine we can make larger batches, which is more efficient in terms of workload, but also cheaper for raw materials and wastage. The installation will involve taking down and rebuilding an internal wall to get the beater into where it needs to go, then installing the beater on a metal framework along with its drive motor, and connecting the motor to an electricity feed. We also need to connect pipework to the beater so we can pump the beaten cellulose stock to the paper machines (see the PM5 project). We think we need about £10.000 to get all this done as well as some help with the engineering bits.

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