Paper machine no 5 (the fifth one ever to be installed on site) used to be called the Cornwall machine and just like our Hollander beater comes from Springfield Mill in Kent, which closed in 2016. This machine differs from PM4 and PM2 in that rather than being a Fourdrinier machine it is a Cylinder Mould machine, a John Dickinson invention. 99% of the worlds paper making by machine is done by these two methods of papermaking. We were lucky enough to be able to take the front end out when the mill shut and only recently did we get permission to salvage the drying end, which makes the machine virtually complete. It is roughly the same size in length and width as PM4 and when installed next to we can show visitors the two different ways of making paper by machine side by side, which will make us almost unique in the world! The machine can make different kinds of paper than PM4, so it will add substantially to our paper offering and of course out finances! The work involved will be to install and connect the wet end cylinder mould vat to the Hollander beater and stock vats, find a press section and a wire and install those, and then reconstruct the drying section and connect up all the motors. We dont really know what the project will cost and are at this stage only looking for about £5000 to get some professional advice, technical drawings and a project plan done for the installation.