Creating a sustainable future for the world's oldest mechanised paper mill
....the birthplace of paper's industrial revolution.

PAPER - the material that shaped the modern world

Spooky Storyboat

NEW for Half Term, Spooky storyboat - a boat trip and story session from Frogmore Mill to our turning point near the Papermill pub.  Stories and rhymes will have a spooky theme.  A 30 minute ride. Please book in advance. £4 per person.


Author: Sue Woolnough

Location: Frogmore Paper Mill,Fourdrinier Way, Hemel Hempstead

The Essence of Life Drawing with Richard Smitheman

Four sessions with creative director and animator Richard Smitheman, who is fresh back from working in Madrid and teaching drawing in Florence. Richard spent more than 25 years working in the Los Angeles film and animation industry,


Author: Sue Woolnough

Location: Frogmore Paper Mill, Fourdrinier Way,,Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

GCSE Design and Technology - paper and board

We can cover much of the content you need to deliver to your students, at Frogmore Paper Mill; learning in action.


Author: Sue Woolnough

Fundraise for us

Running a book club, doing a sponsored activity or organising an appeal, could raise the funds that are needed to make roofs watertight, stop walls from crumbling, replace gutters and down-pipes, and the very many other day-to-day jobs that need doing, or even fund new initiatives. Help us with a social activity while having fun.



Make a donation

Frogmore Paper Mill is a registered charity and in order to, move forward; we need funds. We aim to offer an exciting experience for all who visit, whatever their interest or knowledge of paper; the interested general public, industry specialists and education groups. If you are willing to donate for a specific or general cause, we will be happy to receive it.



Volunteer with us

The Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust operates The Paper Trail Project at its two sites, Apsley Mills and Frogmore Mill. The project is run on a not-for-profit basis with the profits from all activities returned to the Trust in order to support the development and expansion of the project as a whole. This takes a lot of work and if you think you can help, please let us know.



What's on at the mill

  • Letterpress - 3rd November

    An overview of the development of printing through to the present times and its relevance to digital type. Each person is equipped with a typecase from which they set a given text, subsequently printing their text using our Adana presses. Read more

  • Poster Printing - 6th October 2019

    Wooden type has become very popular and is now seen everywhere, used by those wanting a bit of texture in their message rather than crisp digitally printed type. Learn how to use it. Sunday 3rd March 11am-2.30pm. Booking essential £50 Read more

  • RSVP life drawing 6th October 2019

    Confirm attendance at untutored life drawing Read more

Our latest

  • Essence of Life Drawing

    Richard Smitheman brings THE ESSENCE OF LIFE DRAWING to Frogmore Paper Mill.Thursday evenings 24th October to 14th November, 7pm until 10pm. £100. Booking in advance essential. Los Angeles, Madrid, Florence and Apsley! Read more

  • Pope's Yard Brewery Pop-Up Bar

    Another Pop_Up Bar at Pope's Yard Brewery 12th-14th September. Full details soon. Please park in Durrant's Hill Road car park Read more

  • iMechE Heritage Engineering Award 2019

    "But what is a delight to find is an important historic manufacturing site, like Frogmore, that is still very much alive, which still contains the appropriate machinery and where a visitor can still see it doing what it was designed to do when it was first built." Read more