Family Fun

Plenty of paper-crafting fun coming up this Easter, with opportunities to make and take away creations. Themes include spacemen & alien masks, make your own puppets & paper inventions. Then after Easter the fun continues with our chilling ‘Monsters’ session in May – crafting fun for little terrors.

School Visits

Our education team offer a range of exciting workshops for schools covering Key Stages 1. 2. 3 and 4, outreach activities and school assemblies. A standard 2 and a half hour visit includes a mill tour, papermaking and a third activity selected from a list: weaving, braille, history, science, recycling, letterpress and art. An upstream task suits KS2/3. Specialist art, bookbinding and enterprise activities are offered to KS3/4. Students enjoy the opportunity to a visit a working industrial setting.


Although we tend not to give much thought to the paper that we use every day, there is a wealth of fascination behind its history, its science, its industry and its usage. At Frogmore Mill our aim is to tell this story in an entertaining way so that our visitors can see for themselves the contribution that paper has made to the world as we know it today.

The Peter Ingram Gallery

Visitors are welcome to view the exhibitions in our newly created Peter Ingram Gallery free of charge. The gallery may be accessed via our cafe between 11am and 4pm weekdays, and second and last Sunday of any month. The gallery houses a changing programme of exhibitions linked to fibre and paper history, including painting, drawing, sculpture, design, 3D, photography, textiles, craft work and historical artifacts. The gallery is available to interested artists, designers and craftspersons; subject to approval. Please contact for details. Please also refer to our gallery programme.

"Rags makes paper, paper makes money, money makes banks, banks make loans, loans make beggars, beggars make rags. - Anon. English 19th C. "

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