This month’s order

Never a dull moment here – first grey card for Freeds of London which goes into the toes of ballet shoes, enabling dancers go ‘en pointe’. Now banana paper, seen here in production. Buying so many bananas gets a few odd looks at the checkout, then our papermaker has to peel them all and cut the pieces of skin into chunks ready for pulping in the Hollander.

Volunteers needed

Gearing up! Frogmore Paper Mill needs more volunteers. Now that we are in a position to look to the future, we are getting busy again with adult tour groups, school groups and many other bookings. As a result we need more volunteers to help us in our mission to make this the national centre for paper heritage, in particular we need tour guides and helpers for our school activities………. more

Letterpress Courses

A practical course limited to 3 people using Adana 8x5s. The session may be of interest to those who have recently acquired an Adana or are considering buying a press.

When: 6th March 2016
Time: 11.00 to 14.30
Fee: £45

School Trips

Our education team offer a range of exciting workshops for schools covering Key Stages 1. 2. 3 and 4, outreach activities and school assemblies. A standard 2.5 hour visit includes mill tour, papermaking and
a third activity selected from
this list: weaving, braille, history, science, recycling, letterpress and art. And much, much more.

"Rags make paper, paper makes money, money makes banks, banks make loans, loans make beggars, beggars make rags. - Anon. English 19th C. "